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Do you own a bridal-related business? Then why not sign up to join the RBD?!  The Reading Bridal District is the largest district of its kind in the United States and will no doubt be a great connection for you as you grow your business!

Looking to move and start a new business? Please contact us to learn about retail spaces available within the Reading Bridal District!

The Reading Bridal District serves the specific needs of the bridal businesses in Reading through its own events, website, and advertising. The RBD is affiliated with the Reading Chamber of Commerce. Membership in the Reading Bridal District, at the full “Wedding Level” membership, automatically includes membership in the Reading Chamber of Commerce.

A business that sells wedding-oriented products and services, or services shoppers while in the District may be eligible to join the Reading Bridal District (RBD). The Reading Bridal District is defined as a geographical area encompassing Reading, OH and an area up to 3 miles from the Reading borders.

If your business is affiliated with another geographically-based bridal association, your business may not be an RBD member.

Click here for a complete listing of RBD member benefits as well as the cost to join.

Fill out the form below to join the RBD now by credit card or click here to download the form and pay by check.

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