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LUXEredux Bridal Boutique

Our story began in 2010, as our now sister store La Jeune Mariee Bridal Boutique grew bigger and more mature, the space grew smaller due to an overwhelming amount of lovely dresses.  Our owner, Lindsay, attempted the semi-annual sample sale only to be disappointed by the turnout.  Lindsay thought, “I need a store that’s a CONSTANT sample sale!”  And so, LUXEredux was born!


It wasn’t the first time a store like this had come along, but it was the first time there was a boutique with an amazing e-commerce as well.  Lindsay’s goal was to provide brides who wanted a gorgeous designer bridal gown at an amazing price without sacrificing the same experience that brides received at La Jeune Mariee.  The online experience was built so LUXEredux could reach brides far and wide!


So, we welcome brides from all over, in the boutique and online!  Always give us a call or email us to answer any of your questions!  Cheers!

203 W Benson Street
Reading, OH 45215

Store Hours:

Please call for appointment

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